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Digital Pathology the Way You Imagined

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The Lumea Ecosystem

Benefits Begin at Point of Care

  • Tissue management is streamlined
  • Tissue fragmentation is minimized
  • Tissue orientation and integrity are maintained
  • Data is integrated with EHR
  • RFID technology helps eliminate identification errors throughout the process
  • Ancillary test ordering is standardized and simplified
  • Economics are improved

Improvements Continue in the Lab

  • AI-assisted gross examination is accurate and 4.6x faster
  • Embedding is 5.9x faster
  • Microtomy is 3.7x faster
  • Workload is reduced by 73%
  • Significant cost savings are achieved

Completely Integrated Digital Sign-Out is Realized

  • Gross and histology images can be correlated seamlessly at sign out
  • Easy annotation system eliminates need for dictation
  • Automatically quantifies and localizes sites of cancer
  • Suspicious foci are detected with AI assistance
  • Core biopsy length is increased by 12%
  • Paper is eliminated
  • Digital sign-out location is flexible and pathologist saves time

Clinicians Enjoy Additional Benefits from Digital Pathology Platform

  • Clinic receives digital pathology report
  • Novel diagnostic analytics included in reports
  • Cancer detection is increased by 9%
  • Cases with inadequate tissue for genetic studies are reduced
  • Obtain a digital second opinion with the click of a button
  • Value-based technology improves patient care and reduces costs

Revolutionary Diagnostic Ecosystem Improves Patient Care

  • Increases confidence in the clinician and treatment course

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