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What is Diagnostic Intelligence?

End-to-end solutions to improve diagnostic medicine

"[LUMEA's Technologies]…not only reduced processing time, reading time, and cost, but also allowed for potential improved diagnostic accuracy…"

— Murugan Et. al., American Journal of Clinical Pathology, Volume 152, Issue 6, December 2019, Pages 757–765

"Using a combination of new state-of-the art tools with advanced A.I., LUMEA is upending the $50 billion laboratory diagnostic market."

— Observer

"Digital is the next frontier in pathology. [LUMEA is] building a platform that will incorporate the best artificial intelligence and other tools to make digital sign-out faster and more accurate than was possible before. Digital imaging facilitates unprecedented collaboration as we share cases and expertise in real time pathology practice."

— Dr. Jared Szymanski, PathNet Pathologist

"The BxBoard is a one of a kind innovation in how we preserve and orient tissue from biopsies…that allows for better processing and preservation…and much less tissue fragmentation."

— Dr. Ashley Ross, Former Director of Urology Prostate Cancer Program at Johns Hopkins University

"Very few things come into histology that would make you go–Oh, I’m going to change that, this is really going to help–This is one of those things…I wouldn’t go back."

— Ann Mazurco, Histotechnician

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