Clinic Workflow Comparison

Traditional Method
Handwritten paper order, print out requisition

EMR integration, Web form data entry, document upload


Handwritten sample label x 12+, EMR label print out x 12

RFID, BxBoard Label (DYMO required) x 2

Specimen Preservation
12+ formalin bottles

2 BxBoards

Ancillary Test Ordering
Stacks of paper order forms

Built in streamlined web order forms, clinician criteria, order prompting based on clinician settings

Ancillary Test Results
Fax, mail

PDF in BxLink, can flow through EMR integration if exists

Biopsy Report
Fax, portal

Direct in BxLink, Auto Fax, EMR integration if exists, color organ diagrams

Communication (With Lab and Pathology)

Phone, email

Notes attached to cases, optional user assignment and resolution tracking, notes dashboard