Digital Pathology Solutions for Clinics

Fully integrated digital workflow that begins at the time of the biopsy

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Live tracking of patient from the clinic on Lumea's digital pathology solution
lumea digital pathology technology helps clinics differentiate their practice

Differentiate Your Practice

  • Provide diagnosis with the most advanced digital platform available
  • Benefit from best AI algorithms on the market 
  • Ensure relevant genetic tests are ordered electronically
Lumea digital pathology solutions help clinics streamline workflows

Streamline Your Workflow

  • Enjoy peace of mind with end-to-end  RFID specimen tracking
  • Improve your MA’s productivity by eliminating paper requisitions  
  • Simplify report retrieval with fully integrated delivery into your EHR
Lumea digital pathology tech helps clinics enhance tissue handling

Enhance Tissue Handling

  • Utilize proprietary advanced tissue collection technology
  • Decrease biopsy collection time
  • View real-time status of patient tissue in the lab

See How Lumea Stacks Up

Lumea digital pathology clinic versus other clinics

*Improves procedure workflow

Mai Herr loves lumea technology testimonial

“I would absolutely recommend Lumea, especially the BxBoard. Having 2 collection boards vs. 12, 14, 16 jars…I wonder why people are still using jars when Lumea has created such a great invention. Lumea is the best.”

Mai HerTraining and Development Coordinator, Comprehensive Urology
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