Great Pathology Starts in the Clinic


Enhanced specimen preservation and tissue tracking




Integrated tissue management connects clinics and labs to manage specimen send-outs and consults

What Traditionally Happens to Tissue After Leaving the Clinic?

During Transportation to Lab

  • Individual formalin bottles for small biopsies
  • Tissue floats freely in formalin
  • Tissue may fragment

Laboratory Process

  • Cores fished out of bottles
  • Each core measured and handled individually

LUMEA's Solution

Improve Patient Care and Your Bottom Line with LUMEA's Technology

  • Access the most advanced clinic workflow and digital pathology system on the market today
  • Increase billing revenues with a LUMEA powered digital lab
  • Eliminate laboratory overhead and management costs
  • Zero upfront or capital costs
  • Only pay for the services when you use the service

See How LUMEA Measures Up