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Lumea’s Core Values


We strive to seek understanding, lead by serving, and celebrate others.

DaVincian Innovation

Our unique team practices DaVincian Innovation to deliver radical, elegant, simple solutions.


We believe that great things take work. Giving up is for losers!


This is one of our greatest passions as we support those who serve patients with uncompromised quality.

What Starts with Happy Employees Ends with Satisfied Clients

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Revolutionizing Diagnostic Medicine 


Progressing Pathology 

Before founding Lumea, Dr. Matthew Leavitt had a comfortable job performing pathology services for a large hospital system in Utah. He recognized that the pathology process was antiquated, disconnected, and labor intensive, lagging behind other specialities like radiology. In response, he decided to launch a digital pathology practice with his colleague, Dr. Jared Szymanski. 

A Need for New Technology

They purchased a large whole slide image scanner and began to practice digitally. Immediately, they found that their “digital practice” had only added cost and complexity to the existing pathology workflow. They wanted to make digital pathology viable, but the solutions and standard technology needed did not exist. Rather than giving up on their dream of improving patient care and moving pathology onto a digital platform, they founded Lumea.

Lumea is the Solution

Lumea has developed and commercialized the most advanced digital pathology platform on the market today that improves patient care and reduces costs. It has standardized the workflow, connecting the clinic, laboratory, and pathology suite. The company has deployed proprietary tissue handling technologies, specimen tracking, laboratory efficiency improvements, and a seamless digital signout process that improves the quality of practices and allows businesses to scale. 

“Lumea’s technology represents a quantum leap in patient care that can’t be underestimated” – Lumea CEO, John Wirthlin.

Lumea Leaders

Chief Executive Officer

John Wirthlin

Chief Medical Officer

Richard Lash

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Peters

Chief Commercial Officer

James Thackeray

Chief Scientific Officer

Mark Evans

Chief Technology Officer

Andy Ivie

Vice President of Finance

Cory Macy

Vice President of Sales

Chelsea Sowards

Head of Marketing

Bianca Collings

Vice President of Software Development

Pete Halverson

Director of Customer Success

Laurie Larsen

Director of Manufacturing

Jeff Christensen

Vice President of Al and DevOps

Aaron Leonard

Chief Information Security Officer

John Jaymes

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