Digital Pathology for Laboratories

Exclusive software and devices that revolutionize laboratory workflow

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Deliver Superior Histology

  • Advanced laboratory management tools
  • Reduce fragmentation and increase tissue viability 
  • Preserve tissue orientation

“Ever since I started grossing I hated prostate biopsies. I’d rather do anything else. Now, I joke that I’m probably the only pathologists’ assistant in the country whose favorite specimen to gross is a prostate core case”

Wyatt AnthonyPathology Assistant

Increase Your Profit Margins

  • A future-proof, affordable digital pathology
  • Reduce slide costs by up to 83% with proprietary consumables
  • Save time with fully electronic accessioning
Increase your profits with leading edge digital pathology
Lab reviewing automated grossing from Lumea's digital pathology software

Discover a More Efficient Workflow

  • Improve accuracy and save time with AI-powered grossing technology
  • Eliminate bottlenecks with revolutionary, tech-driven filing system
  • Reduce labeling errors with RFID tracking

See How Lumea Measures Up

“Lumea has revolutionized what we’ve done in the lab. I would never go back, and my techs agree with me. I don’t know why more labs aren’t using Lumea technology. This is the beginning of a new day.”

Ann MazurcoLaboratory Manager, Pathology

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