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Digital pathology the way you always imagined

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Increase the Quality of Your Practice

  • Significantly reduce signout time
  • Increase confidence with leading AI algorithms
  • Eliminate transcription errors

“We interviewed four of the most renowned and well-respected pathologists who have used Lumea’s digital pathology for 2-4 years. Combined, these pathologists have 93 years of pathology experience and have signed out millions of cases across the United States. See if Lumea holds up to their impeccable standards.”

Grow Your Business

  • Convert clinics with the latest technology 
  • Simplify your decision with a future-proof, affordable digital pathology
  • Expand anywhere in the country without being tethered to a “digital cockpit”
Pathologist save time with auto AI integrated with Lumea's digital pathology platform

Maximize Your Efficiency

  • Easy one-click conditional ancillary test ordering
  • Realtime backend report creation 
  • Cloud-based architecture preserves performance at scale

See How Lumea Stacks Up

“Lumea's innovations bridge the gap between the practices performed for decades and the modern advances of today. Lumea has also reimagined the laboratory and diagnostic process to reduce cost, add efficiency, and improve patient care.”

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